Kologne, born Oral Kirk Brown grew up in the countryside in Linstead, Jamaica and started to sing at school. Soon the word spread and people recognized his gift and he was invited to sing at events and occasions. He was given the name (Singing) Cologne by a lady at who’s birthday party he sang... “Oh you sweeten up the place like Cologne”. She kept calling him that name and it stuck.

Music didn’t “come” into his life, he was born with it...but it was at primary school at grade 4 that he became fully aware of his talent. He asked to join the school choir and became the lead singer not long after.

In 1988 he linked up with producer Fatis Burrell and for many years he honed his skills. Another man working with Fatis was Sizzla and in 2007 Fatis decided that Kologne was ready to go on the road with Sizzla for a European Tour.

This was a big opportunity for Kologne and Fatis who was well in tune with the European audiences suggested him to perform tunes like “Bad Weather”, “Jungle out Deh” and “She Believes in Me”. The tour was a big success and only motivated Kologne to further work on his skills.

After this tour Kologne returned to the UK on several occasions and continued to release new material.

In 2018 the EP “Easy off” was released. The title track got a lot of airplay in the homeland Jamaica.
The EP contains 7 full length tracks and features people like Linval Thompson (producer on “Row Mr. Fisherman” and “Fire Will Be Burning”), Max Romeo (“We Need Jah”), Rupert McKenzie (producer on “Grooving” and “Ease off”), Sidney Mills (Steel Pulse) who mixed “Groovin’ and Fatis Burrell (“Never Let Di Devil”).


01. We Need Jah
02. Row Mr. Fisherman (+ Dub) 03. Grooving
04. Fire Will Be Burning
05. Never Let Di Devil
06. Ease off
07. Fittest of the Fittest

Kologne promoted this EP in Europe at the end of 2018.

2019 will see the release of a new full-length album entitled ‘The Next Chapter”. The album contains 14 tracks and also features a collaboration with Juicy Badness and Turbulence.

He will bring his show with a new, Ghent based, collective named ‘The Impact’.


Live band

Podium: Het Kasteel

Datum: Zaterdag 17:20 - 18:20