Bio Jacopo Buccino


Grand Finale – Act II

Grand Finale is a physical and sound exploration of self-image and fictional appropriated queer mating calls. Trying to understand what we are offering to the witness of such a ritual.

 A seductively funny analysis on the way one portrays themselves in order to gain appreciation and approval. Said no one about this piece.

“Queer solo work is often an explicit conversation about self and other, where the queer body is always dancing with its own abjections, making public its multiple, even conflicting desires”. Clare Croft – Queer Dance.

Perform and created by : Jacopo Buccino

Sound Designer : Jurger Fonteijn 

Dramaturg : Valeria Secchi. 

Jacopo Buccino


Podium: De Chalet

Datum: Vrijdag 20:00 - 20:30