Bio Glü

Rough diamond, formed in Brussels’ spawning underground scene, GLÜ is a hybrid organism created from machinery and instruments, pedals and triggers.

Connected by kilometers of cables, these four (human) musicians mix psychetrance, d&b, trip hop and breakcore to create a vivid world, populated by sidereal creatures, analog shouts and acid lush flora...

Known as one of the darkest, yet most crowd-uplifting bands of the Brussels scene, GLÜ enlists all the bodies involved to sculpt live twilight parties where bulk Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, Stott or Holden are crossed over.

Packing a VJ, GLÜ delivers a dark and blazing trance, an irresistible ball of energy, propelled with kryptonite ...


GLÜ's album "THREE" is Octave de la Musique award winner 2018. 


Live band

Podium: Opera

Datum: Vrijdag 22:00 - 23:00