For over six years Copacobana Festival is organized entirely by volunteers. Thanks to the efforts of almost over 300 young women and men, we can make this free festival a success year after year. Whether it be the programming, the decoration and art or selling food or drink tickets, they all do it with a smile. Without volunteers, no Copacobana Festival.

But the work of all those volunteers is not taken for granted. During their shift, they are pampered and they get to keep the unique crew T-shirt, are given drink tickets and receive an invitation to our legendary ‘thankyou-event’ afterwards. Being a volunteer at Copacabana Festival is also an opportunity to gain experience, which can come in handy during your education or can be useful for your knowledge of event organization.



Most volunteers help during the Festival itself, which makes them the face of the festival for the visitors. But also during the building beforehand and during the clean-up afterwards there is a cozy and cordial atmosphere among the volunteers and everyone is welcome.

Because we are a growing festival, we are always looking for new faces and helping hands. If you have specific skills, we are open to see where they would fit in our organization.

We are always looking for people (over 16 years) who are enthusiastic to work for this free festival with a broad program for people of all ages. Check out the different tasks and let us know where you see yourself fit in. Want to help? You can register via this link!