Bio Bashir

Bashir is resident dj for Rave Alert and Ragga Terror Front. He started playing drum and bass, evolved quickly to hardcore and breakcore and especially the more melodic styles as happy hardcore combined with gabber kicks. 
After some years of faster harder music he fell totally in love with the oldskool Belgian clubsound which he mostly missed due to his puberal punk phase. Now slower music was also a possibility and as a true vinylslut he started collecting and playing to keep the oldskool vibe alive. He floats between trance, retro, gabber and happy hardcore with more respect for the oldskool then a grandfather who survived World War 1. After playing on one of their parties he was picked up by Rave Alert in 2014 and asked to be resident. His prime objective is to bring the retro music to people who missed it all back in the days but want to enjoy it now in a bit more 'underground' atmosphere. Second objective: having a good time 
while playing. 





Stage: De Gracht

Date: Saturday 18:00 - 20:00