Bio Thee Andrews surfers + Pole Cats

Thee Andrews Surfers/The Polecats

Thee Andrews Surfers are the self declared kings of the Ghent surfscene. Never really there, never really gone...
3 members of FIFTY FOOT COMBO appear on stage whenever they feel like, bringing a MONSTROPHONIC brand of garage and surf...

20 years after the release of their debut Rip Off, Thee Andrews Surfers amaze friends and enemies with a new 7 inch record in 2019. This time Thee Andrews Surfers really Fakhi Daph !!! 

For Copacabana, these punks team up with the Polecats for a wilde frenzy!  4 kittens doing magic on a dancingpole. Acrobats with a crazy twist !



Thee Andrews surfers + Pole Cats

Live band

Podium: Het Kasteel

Datum: Vrijdag 21:00 - 22:00