Bio Rumba de Bodas

In 2008, eight young musicians from Bologna came together to start on a new musical adventure. They called it Rumba de Bodas. With a van and some tents they began a journey across Europe to take the stages and spread the idea of a common
music experience. In their package they have a lot of latin vibes, funk, swing and ska – a groovey sound that passes into your body!
One decade later, the band can look back upon many tours with ever-increasing distances on the globe and a more substantial musical repertoire.
Rumba de Bodas played at famous festivals, e.g. Boomtown Fair, Fusion Festival, Edinburgh Jazzfestival, Cous Cous Festival, Ireland Festival and Montreux Jazzfestival. They also released two albums: Just Married (2012) and Karnaval Fou (2014). In March 2018, they presented their latest album Super Power (Irma Records).

These Italian troubadours of the sensuous and sublime make it their mission to party. Their high-octane, latin-funk mix travels from disco music to ska, with an unabashedly punk soul and an ever-changing musical approach. From starting life as a loose collective in the streets of Bologna, they’re now an international phenomenon playing in Festivals of all musical styles. From Montreaux jazz to Edinburgh jazz festival, and passing from everywhere from Sweden to Sicily, this band keeps bringing their uniquely flavoured brand of pure fun to bigger and more demanding audiences.

Rumba de Bodas third Album: "Super Power" is a frenetic and enthralling work, with a soul flavoured brass section, rhythms moving from funk to ska and a constant background latin colour, hinting at everything from cumbia to son. Even though Rachel Doe's voice sings almost exclusively in English, Super Power is a work that doesn't fear crossing geographic or temporal boundaries, mixing psychedelic synths, gospel choirs and electric guitars in an eclectic symphony of styles and musical genres. The only constant in this album full of sudden and inexpected changes of direction is the overwhelming energy, that shows how this band's main goal is to be appreciated by those who like to dance their shoes off to music.

Rumba de Bodas

Live band

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