Bio Fontains of Wijn

We are F.O.W. (Fountains of Wijn). We are a self-publishing collective that makes zines, posters, nippel buttons and penis-pots.

Our names are Valentina Rossi and Goele Poelmans. We followed each other to three different schools. After our graduation, we decided to stick together a little bit longer or for life. We will see… 


As the “creators”, think it is important to experience illustration. Therefore we add a bit of performance to our work. Our style could be described as wild, colorful, and with a love for every little accident. Like Bob Ross says: there are no mistakes, only happy accidents. 


Your little rascals, 

Fountains of Wijn.

Fontains of Wijn


Podium: Op het terrein

Datum: Zondag 15:00 - 17:30