Bio Aboubakar Traoré & Balima Foly

The band Balima is based in Brussels but was born in Burkina Faso, when percussionist Guillaume Codutti met Aboubakar Traoré in 2012. Very quickly came the desire to play music together. Balima first started after several trips organised by Yani Ait (Namogodine) and then by Bertrand Veys (Jam in Jette), who both share a passion for n'goni and West-African music. Later in the process balafonist Geoffrey Desmet, bassist Sofiane Remedna and reed player Jordi Grognard were added to the original line-up of Aboubakar Traoré (n'goni/ lead voice) and Guillaume Codutti on percussion.

Aboubakar Traoré is from Bobo Dioulasso, second main city of Burkina Faso and trully a cultural crossroad. The music in this country plays a very important role in people's every day life. It's in the 22nd district -a burgeoning musician's neighbourhood- that Aboubakar has learned to play Kamélé n'goni and to sing. He now masters the ancient repertoire of the Mandingo Griots and is currently freeing himself from tradition through his personal compositions. In his songs he talks about Faso's everyday hardships and pays hommage to the ancient ones who built West-African history.

Built around Aboubakar's original songs, the arranging and choices of instrumentation are made collectively by the band's members.

What makes Aboubakaar Traoré & Balima special? Their sound, their unique mixture of west-african musical tradition infused with elements from various genres: from jazz vibes to hip-hop beats, from ancestral 'chants' to contemporary production techniques. 

Aboubakar Traoré: Kamélé n'goni, lead voice / Geoffrey Desmet: Balafon, djembé, backing vocals [Sysmo] / Sofiane Remadna: electric bass, backing vocals [J-Prock] / Jordi Grognard: Tenor sax, flute, backing vocals [Yokaï]/ Guillaume Codutti: percussion, backing vocals [Sysmo] / Bertrand Veys: Booking & management [Jam 'in Jette]/ Ludovic Sirtaine: Sound engineer

Aboubakar Traoré & Balima Foly

Live band

Podium: Het Oerwoud

Datum: Zaterdag 17:00 - 18:00