Standing out of previous famous tuareg bands, the power trio EZZA transforms and brings the Tuareg music off the usual path, blending, without any concessions, modern rock sounds, African pulse, rhythmic trances and relentless groove. EZZA's desert blues-rock, three-piece dynamic and soul-stirring melodies,and rebellion-fuelled rhythms, produce a more contemporary sound than previously associated with Saharan music.

Led by Omar Adam Goumour, EZZA take a rightful place in the desert-rock pantheon, a neat, propulsive outfit supplying a depth of groove that’s impressive for just a three-piece. Omar is a charismatic leader, his warm, soulful vocals accompanied by some beautifully liquid guitar lines. Yup, all the necessary component parts are there. More impeccable desert sounds to stir your soul.

Coming from a family of blacksmiths Tuareg of Niger, Goumour Omar Adam grows up learning the trade from his parents. Child, he immersed himself Tuareg iconic bands such as Tinariwen, Takrist Nakal ... Arriving in France in Toulouse in 2010, he created EZZA with Menad Moussaoui (bass / Algeria) and Stéphane Gratteau (drums / France). EZZA's songs talk about the Niger and tuareg culture through an hopeful and committed music. "EZZA" is the last letter of the alphabet Tifinagh, and is the symbol of the free man (Amazigh) and resistance.


Live band

Stage: Het Kasteel

Date: Sunday 18:50 - 19:50